[content_box heading="Semi-finished products: can be used universally and for different purposes" heading_size="h3" heading_style="style-1" button_style="style-1" button_icon="" button_size="medium" text_align="left" mobile_align="center" punchline="Hot-rolled"]Semi-finished metal products are semi-fabricated metal goods in various shapes, elongated or flat. They are produced by hot or cold forming processes and are used universally, either standardized or very precisely adapted to a specific application. SIPRO® STAHL SCHWEIZ also offers semi-finished products in various executions for massive forming in its product portfolio.
  • Unalloyed structural steels according to EN 10025
halbzeug warmgewalzt knueppel sipro stahl schweiz
[rt_heading style="style-1" size="h3" font_color_type="" font="" custom_font_size="" link="" link_open="_self" punchline="Hot-rolled" margin_bottom="0" rt_class="rt-7280592" padding_bottom="50px"]Billets – Massive Forming[/rt_heading][rt_compare_table style="compare"][rt_compare_table_column style="" caption="Size" info=""]
  • 30 - 80 mm
  • 40 - 120 mm
[/rt_compare_table_column][rt_compare_table_column style="" caption="Bars" info=""]
  • 4 - 12 m
  • 4 - 12 m
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