AFV Beltrame Gruppe

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AFV Beltrame is a strong, competitive and leading steel group. Synergistic technologies, state-of-the-art know-how and first-class management consolidate the market position of this group of companies as Europe’s leading supplier of bulk steels and confirm its unwavering success in the steel industry.


AFV Beltrame Group - AFV: San Didero, Italy

AFV Beltrame Group - AFV: San Giovanni Valdarno, Italy

AFV Beltrame Group - AFV: Vicenza, Italy

AFV Beltrame Group - LME: Trith-Saint-Léger, France

AFV Beltrame Group - Stahl Gerlafingen, Switzerland


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Feralpi Holding S.p.A.

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Feralpi is one of the most important steel producers for Italy’s construction industry. Its four subsidiaries Feralpi Siderurgica S.p.A., Acciaierie di Calvisano, Dieffe and Nuova DE.FI.M have several steel mills throughout Italy. In the 1990s, new opportunities and chances opened up. Major investments in existing and new steel mills were particularly promising. During the same time, the two production sites in Riesa – Elbe-Stahlwerke and Elbe-Drahtwerke – were established in Germany.

Feralpi Group

Pittini Group

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The Pittini Group, with its corporate headquarters in Osoppo (IT), is a leading manufacturer of long steel for the construction and engineering industries, with 19 production sites in Italy and abroad and a production capacity of over 3 million tons per year.

Pittini’s strengths are:

  • full control of the entire production process, based on the principles of the circular economy and on the recycling of waste products, which are a consequence of the Zero Waste project
  • more than 60 years of experience in the steel industry with continuous innovation; constant research to develop products and processes and invest in the best technologies to produce the most advanced steel
  • the ongoing training of all employees with the establishment of a Corporate School in 2003, one of the first in Italy

PITTINI® Siderprodukte AG distributes to the following countries: Wire rod – Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands. The reinforcing steel continues to be distributed to Switzerland by SIPRO® Siderprodukte AG.


Acciaierie Venete Group

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Acciaierie Venete S.p.A. has been producing commodity steel products since 1957: ingots, billets and reinforcing steel. At the beginning of the 1980s, the company began to specialize in quality steel products and, as a result of this evolutionary step, is today one of the most renowned producers in Europe in the engineering steel sector.

This progress of growth took place both internally (through investments in human resources, technology, processes and products) and externally, through the acquisition of production facilities in Sarezzo, Mura, Dolcè in 2003, as well as the steel mill in Borgo Valsugana (formerly BVS) and the rolling mill in Odolo (formerly Leali Steel) in 2018.

VENETE Siderprodukte AG distributes to the following countries:

Trade steel – Poland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary

Mechanical processing / solid forming – Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Luxembourg, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey

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Reinosa Forgings & Castings S.L.

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Reinosa Forgings & Castings is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of large forgings and castings. Our more than one hundred years of experience and growth have allowed us to accumulate knowledge inherited generation after generation through tradition, developing a high know-how and technological level. We provide the best solutions by providing an integral service, from scrap to the final machined product, and our high standards of quality and service.

We ensure that your products reach you complete and on time.


Our quality standard with regard to the environment, energy, occupational safety, etc. is confirmed by a large number of certificates.


Contact us to discuss your request, quality requirements as well as possible logistic ways.