Liquid steel is cast in a so-called ingot mold (continuous casting), where solidification takes place. This way, crude steel is produced, which can then be further processed for various applications. 

SIPRO® STEEL SOLUTIONS supplies the untreated steel in round, square or rectangular ingots for massive forming as well as special applications (e.g. profiles). 

  • Unalloyed structural steel according to EN 10025 
  • Steels for quenching and tempering according to ISO 683-1 up to 2 
  • Case hardening steel according to ISO 683-3 

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Massive forming and Special Applications 

Squares 160x160 mmlength 4,5 – 5,7 m Acciaierie Venete S.p.A.
Squares 120x120, 140x140, 160x160 mmlength 4,5 – 12 m Acciaierie Venete S.p.A.
Rounds 200/220/240/280/350/420/600 mmlength 4,5 – 8 m Acciaierie Venete S.p.A.
Rounds 140/180 mmlength 4,5 – 8 m Acciaierie Venete S.p.A.
Rectangulars 220x160, 240x200, 300x160 mmlength 4,5 – 5,7 m Acciaierie Venete S.p.A.

Like many other raw materials, crude steel can be used in a wide variety of areas after having been processed, and even very small products can play an important role. Flanges or forged rings may weigh a few grams, but they are elementary in mechanical and plant engineering, in vehicle and gear manufacturing, and in the energy sector, where oil and gas have to be stored and transported. 

Rolled rings can be relied on in excavators, cranes and lifting equipment, as well as in tunnel construction and building machinery. Special profiles for lifting equipment or guide rails are also among the products made of crude steel. 

The manufacturer of crude steel is Acciaierie Venete SpA. 

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