SIPRO® Stahl Holding AG

The operative business is managed by the sales companies. The mother company SIPRO® Siderprodukte AG and the other sales companies handle the distribution of a wide range of products from renowned, mainly Italian, steel producers.

  • Global trade transactions and transports are so complex that we have founded our own company for this purpose. SIPRO® International AG creates tailor-made import/export trade transactions, financing as well as transports for sea freight
  • The management companies operate with local staff in SIPRO’s main sales countries
  • SIPRO invests in strategic products through its associated companies. The latter give the Group broader business diversification, with further synergies for our services

Stahl Holding

Mother/ Distributor Company

SIPRO® Siderprodukte AG

Your distribution partner for all steel products not traded by one of the other companies.

SIPRO® Siderprodukte AG is the mother company of the SIPRO Group and was founded first as a sales company in 1968.

A wide range of high quality products can be purchased from us, including, for example, continuous castings (square and round), rolled rounds and billets, wire rod, sections, as well as rolled flat and square bars and forged bars.

Sales Company

SIPRO® International AG

In 2023, SIPRO® International AG, based in Cham (CH), was launched to take over the worldwide trade and transport of our products for the SIPRO Group.

Our competent and high performing team manages the complete order processing and export service, such as ship chartering, L/C opening, transport insurance and ship tracking, in order to offer worldwide transports in an easy and professional way. SIPRO® International AG is globally acting and is your contact for any issues concerning the steel products offered by SIPRO® STEEL SOLUTIONS.

Furthermore, we are looking forward to participating in the new sustainable economy and to being socially responsible with regard to the CO2 impact of our operations. At Group level, we are pursuing a specific program to ensure that our CO2 emissions are limited and offset: find out more


Sales Company

SIPRO® Beltrame AG

Your sales partner for mass steel products.

AFV Beltrame is a solid and competitive steel corporation. Synergistic technologies, state-of-the-art know-how and first-class management consolidate the leading market position of this group of companies as Europe’s leading supplier of mass-produced steels.

In 1979, the sales cooperation with the steel group Beltrame Vicenza has been started. This led to the formation of the joint sales company “SIPRO® Beltrame AG” in 1982. In the course of time, our sales responsibility has extended not only to Switzerland but also to Austria, Slovenia and Croatia.

We offer a wide range of excellent quality products, including round and square steel, T-steel, flat and wide flats, round and sharp angles and U-steel. You can also get all profiles +HEA / HEB / UNP / IPE designed for the retail market.

Sales Company

DONALAM Siderprodukte AG

Your supplier for bar steel for mechanical processing.

AFV Beltrame is a solid and competitive steel corporation. Synergistic technologies, state-of-the-art know-how and first-class management consolidate the leading market position of this group of companies as Europe’s leading supplier of mass-produced steels.

After AFV Beltrame decided to take over parts of the former Romanian steel plant “Siderca”, we were assigned the distribution for Northern Europe. Thanks to its well-established presence in the relevant markets, SIPRO has the expertise needed to successfully sell the steel bars produced at the SC Donalam Srl plant in Calarasi (RO). The joint sales company DONALAM Siderprodukte AG was founded on December 12th, 2007.

We offer a wide range of top quality products, including rolled and peeled round steels for mechanical processing.

Sales Company

PITTINI Siderprodukte AG

Our sales partner for wire rod.

The Pittini Group, with its corporate headquarters in Osoppo (IT), is a leading manufacturer of long steel for the construction and engineering industries, with 19 production sites in Italy and abroad and a production capacity of over 3 million tons per year.

Pittini’s strengths are:

  • control of the entire production process, based on the principles of circular economy and recycling of waste products – a consequence of the “zero waste” project
  • over 60 years of expertise in the steel industry with continuous innovations
  • ongoing research to improve products and processes and invest in the most advanced technologies to produce cutting-edge steel
  • providing constant training for all employees with the founding of a Corporate School in 2003, one of the first in Italy

In 2016 the cooperation between the PITTINI Group and SIPRO STAHL SCHWEIZ started. Due to a very successful cooperation, PITTINI Siderprodukte AG was founded in January 2019, which exclusively supplies the wire rod from the Italian production sites Osoppo as well as Verona for the German market.

From us you can purchase a wide range of top quality products, including, for example, wire rod for solid forming as well as reinforcing mesh for engineering reinforcement.

Sales Company

VENETE Siderprodukte AG

Your sales partner for semi-finished products as well as bar steel for solid forming and bar steel for mechanical processing.

VENETE Siderprodukte AG is your specialist in Europe for VENETE products. How did this cooperation come up? A brief look at the history: The electrical steel manufacturer ACCIAIERIE VENETE S.p.A. has been producing commodity steel products since 1957: ingots, billets and reinforcing steel. At the beginning of the 1980s, the company decided to specialize in carbon steel products. As a result of this development, it is now one of Europe’s most renowned producers in the engineering steel sector. In the course of time, a significant amount of investment has been made in personnel, technology, the process and, of course, in the products in order to produce top grade, resilient quality steel. The company has also diversified and broadened its scope with the acquisition of additional production facilities in Sarezzo, Mura, Dolcè (IT) in 2003 and the steel mill in Borgo (IT) and the rolling mill in Odolo (IT) in 2018.

In 2003, the close cooperation between the Acciaierie Venete Group and SIPRO® STAHL SCHWEIZ was initiated. With the acquisition of the Lucchini plants in Northern Italy, the joint sales company VENETE Siderprodukte AG was established in 2006. Today, VENETE Siderprodukte AG is present in many European countries and is your contact for all issues relating to top quality steel products.

From us, you can purchase a variety of top quality products, including, for example, continuous castings (square and round), rolled rounds and billets, wire rod, sections, crude steel (round and square), and rolled flat and square steel.

Associated Company

Laminoirs des Landes S.A.S. (LDL)

A new European rolling mill “greenfield project” started its production in Tarnos (FR) in the first quarter of 2018 with the processing of heavy plates. Laminoirs des Landes (LDL) stands for flexible, customer-oriented production with excellent customer service. Furthermore, we offer a fast, continuous and reliable supply of heavy plates.

With Laminoirs des Landes (LDL), a new generation of steel rerollers is emerging. LDL aims to integrate its business partners into the value chain at the highest possible level of automation and thus provide you, as an industrial processor of heavy plates, with an innovative business partner.

The Spanish steel company Hierros Añón SA holds 60% and the Swiss SIPRO® Stahl Holding AG the remaining 40% of LDL. Find out more:

Associated Company

KONTUR Werkzeugstahl GmbH

KONTUR Werkzeugstahl GmbH stands for highest quality and first-class service in the field of tool steels. As a medium-sized and independent company, KONTUR Werkzeugstahl GmbH offers you the competence and flexibility required by an increasingly dynamic market in the metal processing industry with a focus on tool and mold making.

KONTUR Werkzeugstahl GmbH specializes in the production and processing of high-performance steel:

  • tool steel
  • mold making
  • jig and fixture construction
  • machining
  • saw cuts

SIPRO® Stahl Holding AG is the largest shareholder along with other private industrial partners. Find out more:

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