Semi-finished metal products

are metallic semi-finished products in various shapes, elongated or flat. They are produced by hot or cold forming and are used universally, either standardized or very precisely adapted for a specific application. SIPRO® STEEL SOLUTIONS also offers in its product portfolio semi-finished materials in various executions for massive forming. 

  • Unalloyed structural steels acc. to EN 10025

halbzeug stahlprodukt siprostahl

Massive forming of billets

Dimension 30 – 80 mmlength 4 - 12 mAcciaierie Venete S.p.A.
Dimension 40 – 120 mmlength 4 – 12 m Acciaierie Venete S.p.A.

As the name implies, semi-finished products are only "half" finished. 

A simple example is flour. It is an already processed product from a raw material, namely grain. Flour as a semi-finished product can then be used to conjure up an infinite number of dishes. For our products, this means that the steel is already a processed material and therefore no longer a raw material. However, it has yet to be processed into an end product. This means that the possible end uses are virtually unlimited. 

The manufacturer of semi-finished products is Acciaierie Venete SpA. 

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