SIPRO® STEEL SOLUTIONS - the business with a steely network

SIPRO® STEEL SOLUTIONS, as home of various steel sales companies, is a proud member of an international network, which is defined by long-term and trustful interaction.

Our core activity is the global distribution of high-quality steel products and their specific challenges. With the same enthusiasm, we also solve other tasks that arise at various points in supply chains - together, and with our solid network in the background.

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SIPRO's expertise is based on more than 50 years of experience in the steel business. Our services are designed to provide maximum benefit to our customers.


SIPRO stands for continuing development. As a steel trader, our thinking and acting is driven by creative solutions for our clients.


We create trust among suppliers, customers, banks, government agencies and employees by ensuring transparency in our communication and in our everyday work.


With the implementation of innovative and viable sales strategies, SIPRO is responsible for sustainable service concepts: The challenges of the future inspire us, and we actively join the innovation discourse.


Das gebündelte Fachwissen der SIPRO basiert auf über 50 Jahren Erfahrung im Stahlgeschäft. Unsere Leistungen zeichnen sich aus durch optimalen Nutzen für unsere Kunden.


Die SIPRO steht für kontinuierliche Weiterentwicklung. Als Stahlhändler ist unser Denken und Handeln geprägt von kreativen Lösungen für unsere Auftraggeber.


Durch Transparenz in unserer Kommunikation und im täglichen Umgang schaffen wir Vertrauen bei Lieferanten, Kunden, Banken, staatlichen Stellen und Mitarbeitenden.


Mit der Umsetzung innovativer und zukunftsfähiger Vertriebsstrategien zeichnet sich die SIPRO verantwortlich für nachhaltige Servicekonzepte: Die Herausforderungen der Zukunft inspirieren uns und wir nehmen aktiv am Innovationsdiskurs teil.

Worldwide distribution of steel products

With our production focus on carbon steel, stainless steel, structural steel and reinforcing steel and a broad-based supplier structure covering the entire value chain, we are able to meet market changes and customer requirements quickly and effectively. This flexibility and customer orientation allow us to operate successfully in the market. In this way, we create reliability for our customers and ourselves.

SIPRO® International AG


"What keeps us going all these years is the driving force that emerges from the challenges of global competition, and that continues to inspire us."
Jürg F. Wüthrich - CEO & Verwaltungsratspräsident SIPRO® Stahl Holding AG

We ensure that your products reach you complete and on time.


Our quality standard with regard to the environment, energy, occupational safety, etc. is confirmed by a large number of certificates.


Contact us to discuss your request, quality requirements as well as possible logistic ways.