Reinforcement meshes (or support meshes) are made of welded bars of reinforcing steel, which are used for the reinforcement of concrete structures – floor slabs, ceilings and walls. Their advantage is that, due to the mesh formats, large areas can be reinforced in a relatively short time. 

  • according to SIA Norm 262:2013


Reinforcement meshes - structural reinforcement 

Quality K 188 / K 283 / K 335Format 2,0 x 5,0 m Ferriere Nord S.p.A.

The monitoring of the quality classes is carried out by our manufacturer. 

With reinforcement meshes large areas can be laid in a short time. This makes it possible to efficiently progress in residential and industrial construction. Reinforcement meshes are also used in road and bridge construction as well as in underground and above-ground parking garages. Reinforcement meshes are also used in prefabrication. 

The manufacturer of reinforcement meshes is Pittini Srl. 


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