[content_box heading="Feralpi Holding S.p.A." heading_size="h3" heading_style="style-1" button_style="style-1" button_icon="" button_size="medium" text_align="left" mobile_align="center" punchline="Documents & Downloads"]Feralpi is one of the most important steel producers for Italy's construction industry. The four subsidiaries Feralpi Siderurgica S.p.A., Acciaierie di Calvisano, Dieffe and Nuova DE.FI.M have several steel plants throughout Italy. In the nineties new opportunities and possibilities opened up. Particularly promising were extensive investments in existing and new steel plants. In the same period, the two production sites in Riesa - the Elbe Stahlwerke and the Elbe Drahtwerke - were established in Germany. SIPRO® Siderprodukte AG supplies the following countries: Austria, Switzerland  [/content_box]
Feralpi Group Stahlproduzent
[google_maps zoom="10" bwcolor="yes" height="500" class="margin-b0"][location title="Feralpi Group" lat="45.4626962" lon="10.4554342"]Feralpi Holding S.p.A. Via Carlo Nicola Pasini, 11, 25017 Lonato BS, Italien[/location][/google_maps]
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