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AFV Beltrame Group

AFV Beltrame is strong and solid, competitive and at the cutting edge of the steel sector. The strength of synergistic technologies, state-of-the-art expertise and top-notch management fortify the Group’s standing as Europe’s leading supplier of merchant bars (ordinary steel) and underpin its unshakable success in the steel industry.

AFV Beltrame Group Stahlproduzent
AFV Beltrame Group

AFV: San Didero, Italy

AFV Beltrame Group

AFV: San Giovanni Valdarno, Italy

AFV Beltrame Group

AFV: Vicenza, Italy

AFV Beltrame Group

LME: Trith-Saint-Léger, France

AFV Beltrame Group

Stahl Gerlafingen, Switzerland


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